In 2010 former, long-term employees (technicians and engineers) of Steag Hamatech AG (later Singulus) decided together to set up a firm, on the one hand to continue to offer customers around the world a reliable all-round service for their machines and equipment for the manufacture of optical storage media and on the other hand, to incorporate the existing experience and knowledge into other areas such as equipment construction and the professional representation of European firms abroad. The company was named:

ITS-tec GmbH (Industrial Technologies & Service)

and together possesses many years experience in:

–  Technical Support

–  Installation and commissioning of machinery and equipment

–  Management and implementation of projects in mechanical engineering

–  Modification of equipment and conversions

–  Materials

–  Customer Training

–  All-round service for machines of special purpose machines

–  Sales and customer service worldwide

Customer requests on modifications of existing systems are also realized, as well as the development of completely new machines.

Recently, other business areas have been added.

ITS-tec also sells for example their own equipment for coating mirrors, plastic parts and the like.

ITS-tec offers its customers the opportunity to open up new markets abroad and offers a variety of service packages on sales and service. ITS-tec undertakes (depending on the package) the application, distribution and service for the customers products. This includes for example the preparation and presentation of trade fairs and presentations, creating and maintaining customer contact, supervision of sales activities, as well as the entire service for the equipment and products of the customer, also when required, with employees appointed exclusively for ITS -tec customers.