Because of demands and wishes of our customers, we have developed, designed and manufactured several modifications. These modifications have already been used successfully and can be repeated at any time.

Modifikation Handlingsystem
Modifikation Handlingsystem

Modifikation Double Layer

We would like to point out that it is certainly worthwhile looking under this heading now and again, as new modifications are regularly added.

If you are considering a modification to your equipment, but can not find it, then please contact us. We will discuss the required projects with you and send a quote as quickly as possible. The modifications below are just some examples of a long list!

Modification Examples:

    * Double-sided DVD-R for Hamatech 3500 and Taurus (pure software modification)
    * Dual sputtering of recordable CDR and DVD-R disc for maximum life
       (100 years), first sputtering in gold with second sputtering in silver
    * Conversion of lines from CDR to DVD-R lines
    * Modification of DVD 2200 lines for the production of SACD’s (Super Audio Compact Disc)
    * Cooler / Dryer Byepass function (for the use of Recordable equipment as Pre-recorded equipment)
    * Individual interface adjustments
    * System upgrades 
    * Dynamic dispense systems
    * Further modifications on request

If you would like to know more about the functioning and costs to modifications, then please contact us by email at: